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Digital recording pen, ten brands, digital recording pen, brand list

SONY SONY (SONY (China) Co., Ltd.)
(400-810-9000400-810-1228, beginning in 1946 in Japan, Japan’s representative enterprise, world electronics 3C/ game / financial / entertainment giant, founder of portable digital products, Sony Corp)
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(010-58199000, founded in 1919 in Japan, the pioneer of global optical digital technology, the world leader in camera industry, a representative enterprise of precision optical technology in the world, OLYMPUS (China) Co., Ltd.)
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Patriot Aigo (Aigo Digital Technology Co)
(400-610-6666400-610-5666, in 1993, hi tech enterprises, earlier entered the Olympic Museum brand, the world’s leading brand of IT products, Aigo Digital Technology Co)
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JINGWAH digital (Shenzhen JINGWAH electronic Limited by Share Ltd)
(0755-8328715183203737, Guangdong province famous trademark, digital recording pen ten brands, professional 3C consumer electronics research / development / production and operation of high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen JINGWAH electronic Limited by Share Ltd)
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PHILIPS PHILPS (PHILPS (China) Investment Co., Ltd.)
(4008-800-0084009-201-201, started in 1891 in Holland, a world-renowned multinational electronic brand, specializing in health care / quality living and lighting in the field of large electronics companies, Royal Holland PHILPS company)
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Panasonic Matsushita (Panasonic (China) Co., Ltd.)
(400-810-0781) in 1918, Japan, the world’s leading consumer electronics brand, involved in home appliances / digital audio / video / office products / aviation and many other fields, the world’s leading integrated enterprise group of electronic technology
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Newman Newsmy (Hunan Newman Digital Technology Co., Ltd.)
(400-810-19890731-82086999, in 1996, Beijing city famous trademark, a set of digital product / car DVD navigation / mobile storage / automotive electronics business as one of the high-tech enterprises, Hunan Newman Digital Technology Co., Ltd.)
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TASCAM Das Champions (Japan TEAC company)
(Japan TEAC company in the field of professional audio brand, well-known small digital audio equipment, dedicated to providing audio / video solutions, China agent: Hengli (International) Co., Ltd.)
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Xinke Shinco (Jiangsu Xinke Technology Co., Ltd.)
(400-850-05280519-85806006, Jiangsu province famous trademark, its DVD is more famous, the main production base of domestic and export electronic products, large high-tech electronic group, Jiangsu Xinke Technology Co., Ltd.)
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Lenovo Lenovo (Lenovo, Cmi Holdings Ltd)
(400-100-8002400-990-8888, started in 1984, a listed company, the world’s top 500 enterprises, the world’s leading PC computer maker, innovative international technology company, Legend Group Limited)

Camera, recording pen, instructions for use

First, connect the computer USB interface charge, display charging, charge time please do not exceed 4 hours.
Two, the product from the computer pulled out, in strict accordance with the requirements of the computer operating system, do not suddenly interrupt the connection with the computer, otherwise it is easy to cause part of the content lost software program.
Three, in the case of the virus in the product, please to the machine with the latest anti-virus anti-virus software. If not, you can in the machine settings in the format of the machine after exit reboot, then re copy files to the machine on it.

Camera recording pen function

1, hi fi pen, high quality MP3 player – support DNSe3.0 music effect.
2, automatic gain control AGC (Automatic Gain Control): according to the size and distance of the sound source power regulation included gain the most appropriate, eliminating the complex environment caused by sound recording flickering, far and near, automatically adjust the sound balance, to ensure a good recording effect.
3, sound control recording: induction to the recording sound, automatically start recording, automatically skip the gap between the speech part or some unnecessary noise. In general recording, there is a large space between speakers that takes up unnecessary memory space. Voice activated: when playing meaningless blank portions of a recording file, speed up 4 times the speed of the play to quickly skip, so that the voice part of the smooth play.
4, noise reduction function NR (noise reduction) can monitor the surrounding noise, recording process to suppress the noise of the external environment, so as to achieve clearer recording effect.
5, variable speed playback, can slow down or accelerate the playback speed: on the basis of not changing the original sound quality, the user can randomly adjust the playback speed between (x0.5~x2.0), so as to achieve the best listening effect.
6, sound enhanced directional microphone: in a noisy environment, the same can guarantee clear, high fidelity recording quality.
7, super long life time: recording 20 hours, headphones play 50 hours, 20 hours outside the speaker.
8, beautiful color display: 1.1 color display screen 128×128

Notes on the use of digital recording pens

Charge time should not be too long, usually full, you can, small capacity battery generally 1-2 hours can be full power, large capacity battery general 3-4 hours; charging time is too long, will speed up the recording pen battery loss.
When the recording pen out of the computer, the computer must be in strict accordance with the requirements of the operating system, first remove the hardware after unplug the recorder, suddenly interrupt file transfer process, otherwise easily cause loss of software.
In case of the virus in the recording pen, please use the latest anti-virus software to antivirus the machine. If anti-virus can not be restored, you can use the computer to format the machine to see if it can be recovered.
Do not use the long time, please be sure to recorder off, a latch function must luyinbi lock; for a long time can be out of recording pen for charging, then stored.
The recording pen is forbidden to be placed in the damp and exposed place for a long time. Please refer to the instruction manual for operation.

Digital recording pen to buy

Sound quality of recording pen
The quality of sound is related to compression ratio. The higher the baud rate is, the better the sound quality is, and the higher the baud rate is, the shorter the recording time is, but the sound quality is more solid and true.
Additional function
Like listening, sometimes the teacher talk fast, to slow down, will choose to play the audio file transmission function; evidence of use, the locking key is very important, if the recorded sound with privacy properties, the best choice with a password lock function.
Recording pen, workmanship, shape
Recording pen is divided into engineering plastic shell and metal shell two kinds, usually need to use regularly, it is best to choose metal shell, so wear-resisting, in addition, the appearance is much better; the recording pen is of course smaller, the better.
Does the file need to be converted?
Recording down the file format in general WAV, MP3, ACT format, most of them are WAV and MP3, the early recording pen is ACT format, to use software conversion to WAV can play properly, relatively troublesome.
Pay attention to the mode of power supply and power consumption
Some small products use button batteries, and other products have built-in rechargeable batteries. You should choose digital recording pens that are more than 6 hours in use. The longer, of course, the better.
After sale warranty
Try to choose the nearest products Quanguolianbao, recording pen after all digital products, digital products repair is normal, if there is no customer service, cheaper products is useless, so to choose the seller.

What is a digital recording pen?

Also known as the digital recording rod or digital recorder, a digital recorder, in order to facilitate the operation and enhance the quality of the recording is not the other pen type simple, easy to carry, also has a variety of functions, such as laser pen function, FM FM and MP3 broadcasting. Compared with traditional recorders, digital recording pens record audio by digital storage.
The utility model has the advantages of light weight, small size, long continuous recording time, long service life and safety
Sound control design, automatic recording, MP3 playback, FM frequency modulation, digital camera, telephone recording
Encoding converts analog signals to digital signals via digital to analog converters and stores them after compression
Input device:
A built-in microphone, an external microphone, and a telephone receiver
Output device:
Built in speakers, headphones, external active speakers

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